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Aug 29, 2009 6:30pm EDT
"america the beautiful." from here, the family will get back in the motorcade, and the hearse will make its way to arlington national cemetary for a sunset burial. >> glor: as nancy mentioned oa hill in arlington national cemetary near the graves of his brothers, john and robert, ted kennedy will be laid to rest this evening. wyatt andrews reports on how that spot was chosen. wyatt. >> reporter: jeff, good evening. it has long been ted kennedy's dream to join his brothers jack and bobby here at arlington national cemetary. but the story of how this political family came here to this military cemetery is one that began by accident. the kennedys' appreciation for arlington started when president john kennedy decided to take a random sunday drive. it was march of 1963, eight months before his assassination. >> it was a late day, a late winter day. >> reporter: according to journalist and author robert pool kennedy happened to sdrif to the cemetery and then decided to walk this hill. >> he walked to about where we are. >> reporter: as the president absorbed the view overlooking the lincoln memo
Aug 22, 2009 6:30pm EDT
, they have nothing to fall back on. >> reporter: at neighborhood america, a nonprofit that helps homeowners in financial distress marietta rodriguez sees a trebd. >> 50% of the borrowers in distress that are reaching out to housing counselors right now indicate job loss, reduction in income, as a major reason for delinquency that is leaving them vulnerable to foreclosure. >> reporter: williams hopes to stave off foreclosure by modifying his mortgage through a new lender. if the loan modification goes through then how much would you pay? >> it could go down to $1,000 with the esk row built in. >> reporter: a savings that's music to his ears. priya david, cbs news, plained field, new jersey. >> glor: in sports tonight, the mammoth video board at the dallas cowboy's new $1.2 billion stadium became part of the game last night when tennessee's a.j. trapsso hit the structure with a punt. the play was ruled dead and kicked again. cowboys owner jerry jones insists despite the issue the scoreboard will not be moved higher. up next on tonight's cbs evening news, a young guantanamo detainee could be l
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)